child abuse
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Projects we support internationally and in the USA

B R I N G I N G  H O P E  A N D  S M I L E S  T O  N E E D Y  C H I L D R E N 



Child Abuse Intervention Fund continued its long-standing partnership with the Philip Hayden Foundation by sending grants to support its program providing daily care and lifesaving surgeries for special needs orphans in China. There are 140 children who are temporary residents of Shepherd’s Field Children Village in Tianjin. Each suffers from a birth deformity, such as cleft lip or palate, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, clubbed feet, heart defect, hydrocephalus, or missing limbs. Each is provided with loving care and corrective surgeries before they are cleared for adoption. Last year 21 children received life-changing surgeries, and 31 joined their adoptive families. Since 1995, over 3,000 surgeries have been provided, and 900 children have been adopted.

El Salvador

CAIF (Child Abuse Intervention Fund) shipped a sea container to Fundacion Nuevos Horizontes Para Los Pobres in Cuidad Delgado, San Salvador, El Salvador, to benefit families living in extreme poverty. Included were 9 pallets of medical and surgical supplies. The shipment had a total fair market value of $168,700.


CAIF provided funds to pay for special medical services for children at the World-Wide Missions Liberia clinics in Paynesville and Buchanan. Many of the children being treated suffer from physical and emotional wounds received during the vicious 14-year civil war.


CAIF provided quarterly grants for the work of missionary Yolanda Villalobos, based in San Antonio de Minas, Baja California. She has a unique independent ministry among migrant farm workers at their camps in Testerazo and Carmen Cerdan. She provides childcare while parents are working, including food, medical attention, and schooling. She also holds chapel services and leads a kids club, a teen meeting, and a women’s Bible study as well as a special outreach to a group of families living in chicken coops. Altogether, more than 500 children are cared for by Yolanda and her teams of volunteers and short-term missionaries.


CAIF sent financial assistance to medical missionary Dr. Matthew Turvey, who is setting up a new clinic to serve the poor in Lince, Peru. He has already treated many hundreds of patients.



The Garden of Angels

CAIF provided regular financial support for the programs of Garden of Angels. This is a beautiful, peaceful cemetery within a cemetery in Calimesa, CA, created in 1996 to honor abandoned and unclaimed children and provide them a special final resting place. Since it opened, the bodies of 94 tiny children have been laid to rest there. These children, known to police and coroners only by numbers, have been found in trashcans or dumpsters, along roadways, washed up on beaches, or otherwise abandoned by their parents.

Childsavers Inc.

CAIF sent monthly grants to Childsavers Inc., of Rockville, MD, which for 26 years has provided a nationwide referral service and guidance for child advocates. Direct services are provided to parents, children, doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals. Individuals are prepared for court appearances, informing them of their rights and teaching them the most effective strategies for dealing with situations they encounter as they attempt to protect children. A 24-hour confidential crisis hotline (301-251-9099) is staffed, receiving an average of 30 calls and 18 emails each day. The best in follow-up services are provided to ensure dignity and promote healing. Altogether approximately 10,000 people were served during the time period.


Child Abuse Intervention Fund is an affiliate of Worldwide Affiliated Ministries, which provides personnel and management services free of charge. Because of this connection, CAIF’s overhead was kept to a low 0.7% last year.