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Your gifts can help a needy child!

Boy in Mexico         

The generous contributions of individual people who are concerned about the safety, basic needs and spiritual welfare of abandoned, abused and needy children make this vital ministry possible.

Your gifts to Child Abuse Intervention Fund help rescue numerous children from hopelessness.

  • Your gift of $10 will buy food for a desperately needy child for one week.
  • Your gift of $25 will purchase basic clothing for one little girl or boy.
  • Your gift of $100 will pay for a medical treatment or therapy session for a child who has been hurt.
  • Your gift of $1,000 will help provide expensive legal and advocacy services for an abused or neglected child.

Child Abuse Intervention Fund is an affiliate of Worldwide Affiliated Ministries, which provides personnel and management services free of charge. Because of this connection, CAIF’s overhead was kept to a low 0.7% last year.