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* Bringing hope and healing to abused, neglected children
* Providing intervention assistance 
* Legal referrals and support groups
* Food, shelter, clothing, medicine, education, counseling
* Supporting clinics and schools
* Nationwide hotline  - 301.251.9099
* Serving needy children in several countries as well as the USA
Brother and sister rescued from hopelessness
Santos was in a desperate situation!
She was severely malnourished and born with cerebral palsy. 
Her mother neglected her, hoping she would die.  Neighbors reported it to the police.
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Our Mission
Child Abuse Intervention Fund provides intervention assistance for abused children, as well as legal referrals and support groups. We also provide food, shelter, medicine, education, counseling, and other necessary care for abused and needy children in several countries and the United States. CAIF sponsors trained workers abroad and assists in their program services. This includes providing food, clothing, medicine, shelter, and project support of clinics and schools.

is focused on helping children by bringing them hope, healing, legal aid, support groups, medical referrals, safe-houses, and a national hotline.

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Child Abuse Intervention Fund is an affiliate of Worldwide Affiliated Ministries, which provides personnel and management services free of charge. Because of this connection, CAIF’s overhead was kept to a low 0.7% last year.


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